The latest version of iOS turns Apple AirPods into a spy tool

IOS enthusiasts have discovered an amusing vulnerability in its new version. More precisely, this is a standard function that expands the possibilities of using branded AirPods headphones. But how it can be used for unseemly purposes simply lies on the surface.

If you already have iOS 12 on your iPhone, you can check it out for yourself. We are talking about the "Live Listen" option, which, among other settings, is marked with a human ear icon. Initially, it was developed for people with hearing impairments, so that they can hear the interlocutor's speech or music, which is usually inaccessible to them, through a bundle of iPhone + AirPods. In this case, it is enough to bring the smartphone to the sound source and hear it in your headphones. However, it turned out that communication works fine at a distance of up to 15 meters, which allows you to turn your smartphone into a listening device.

The technology is simple - we go to the right room with the iPhone in our hands, imitate the activity, and in the process we quietly put the switched on smartphone in a secluded place. We move to another room, put on AirPods and listen through headphones to what they are talking about near the abandoned phone. It is difficult to judge the legality of this method, but it will be difficult to catch a "spy" red-handed - you can always say that the phone was forgotten by accident, and the headphones were inserted into the ears out of habit.

It works even better with the Apple Watch, because the forgotten flagship smartphone still catches your eye. Most Apple fans took the news negatively, saying it was yet another threat to the fragile privacy of the 21st century. After all, no amount of intuition will help determine whether a dangerous function is enabled on a partner's smartphone or not.