Ikea launches its own smart plug for the home of the future

Back in August, the Ikea brand promised to release an accessory in the form of a nozzle on an electrical outlet, which can make housing a little smarter. The device was supposed to sell for a symbolic price of $ 10 apiece and be versatile, as part of Ikea's Trådfri smart home product platform. However, difficulties arose then, and now the smart socket is finally on sale.

This device has exactly three functions: enable, disable, report on the current state. The socket can supply current to the household appliance that is plugged into it, or break the circuit on command from the remote control or smartphone. In the latter case, users need to subscribe to the Gateway service to access the Trådfri eco-environment, which makes it possible to interact with other components of the smart home from the phone. This includes developments from Ikea, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

However, with the latter, difficulties arose - according to an unofficial message from the support service, the integration of Apple HomeKit has not yet been completed. It's a matter of time, and so you need to wait for the next major plug-in software update. After that, the device can be considered a full-fledged element of a smart home, with the ability to interact with the maximum number of different modules.