The smart reusable cup will pay for the coffee on its own

The love of coffee in the UK has turned into an unexpected problem - a huge amount of waste in the form of used disposable coffee cups, of which less than 1% is recycled.

In this regard, the management of the country's largest coffee chain Costa believes that it has found a completely modern solution. In the near future, the "daughter" of the Coca-Cola company will start producing reusable cups with integrated contactless chips, operating on the Barclaycard payment technology.

Smart cup users will be able to top-up their budget by depositing £ 15 through Barclay's bpay app, after which the drinking gadget becomes a means of payment when purchasing a serving of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other beverage of their choice. However, his work is not limited to Costa coffee shops. It will be possible to pay with a smart mug wherever contactless payments are accepted.