Personal gadget Reflex warns of the threat of injury during operation

The longer a person is in an uncomfortable position, the higher the risk of injury. This is especially true for those whose activities are associated with heavy lifting and complex motor movements. The technology of the Reflex personal measuring gadget makes it possible to prevent such situations.

The idea is to fix a device from a complex of gyroscopes and accelerometers on a person's belt, which will fix the position in space of both the worker's body and its individual parts. For example, it is a common mistake to lift heavy objects off the floor by extending the back rather than using leg strength. Reflex monitors such situations and issues an alarm.

When a person takes a potentially dangerous posture or performs a risky job, the gadget signals this with a slight vibration and simultaneously records the location, time and type of incident in memory. On the one hand, it is a way to remind the user himself that he is at risk. On the other hand, it is the collection and analysis of statistical data within the workshop or the entire enterprise - how much, in what areas, how often and why people risk their health. And there is also a competitive moment when meticulous adherence to safety precautions can be confirmed by the readings of the device and deserve an award.

The Reflex devices began testing last year, and it turned out that in 12 months this reduced the number of skeletal injuries by 40%, and the subjects complained of back pain by 56% less often. Based on the test results, it was possible to optimize the workflow so that the number of production operations with the risk of injury decreased by 84%! It is not surprising that with such indicators, the startup has already received $ 4.5 million in investments, and will soon launch Reflex into serial production.