Limpet smart anti-theft will torture any kidnapper

Since far from cheap models of bicycles and motorcycles are often the objects of theft, British bike enthusiasts Matthew Leach and James Sheppard have developed a universal and ultimatum means to protect them. Meet Limpet, the “smart guard” of your bike, who makes decisions based on an analysis of the situation, and not just reacts to the actions of a criminal.

Limpet is designed as a shock-resistant block that can be placed under the bike seat or on the handlebars of the motorcycle. In the first case, he will be able to replace the taillight, in the second he will control the throttle and brake, blocking their work. The protection is mechanical, but to unlock you need an electronic key - in this case, it is a unique Bluetooth identifier of the owner's smartphone.

If the smartphone is not nearby, and the integrated accelerometer detects the fact that the bike is moving, Limpet turns on a strobe and an extremely loud siren. Along the way, he sends alarms to the owner's smartphone and determines his position by signals from the GSM communication towers, adding coordinates to the text of the message. By the way, if thieves manage not to disturb the bike itself, then it will still be able to independently detect the fact of theft by comparing its previous geographical position with the current one.

This positioning function is useful, and if the basic gadget is discharged, it is enough to turn the gadget three times and Limpet will send an SOS signal to three pre-recorded numbers. A full charge of the batteries will last for 30 days of passive operation. The cost of the device for the period of fundraising through Kickstarter is $ 83, plus you will need to subscribe to support services - another $ 13 per month or $ 50 per year.