SoundFlow wireless headphones are placed and charged inside the smartphone

A little more and wired headphones will finally disappear, and they will be completely replaced by wireless ones. However, as practice shows, they are also not without their shortcomings. The main ones are limited battery life and the possibility of accidental loss.

Ascape Audio's SoundFlow Wireless Headphones are another attempt at solving both of these problems. Their dimensions are 12 x 17 x 16.5 mm. They are inserted into the auricle, where they can be securely fastened using the "turn and lock" system.

If, nevertheless, the headphones fall out, a special application will track their location at a distance of 450 meters. In case of loss of the earphones, the company is obliged to pay compensation to the user in the amount of USD 20.

According to representatives of Ascape, the headphones are distinguished by high-quality sound, which is regulated by a graphene membrane. The power supply ensures the operation of the gadget for 8 hours. Fully charged in less than half an hour.

The place for storing and simultaneously recharging the headphones is located at the top of the special sealed SmartCase for smartphones. SmartCase consists of a battery with a capacity ranging from 2600 mAh to 3750 mAh depending on the model. At the same time, the box charges both the headphones and the smartphone itself.

SoundFlow can be purchased on Indiegogo with a $ 129 security deposit. This is how much the set will cost, which includes headphones, a docking station and a branded case for a smartphone. The start of sales is scheduled for February 2019.