The Jammy transformable guitar can be disassembled into parts and does not need tuning

It is important for a beginner musician to hone their skills every day, but it is almost impossible to carry a full-size instrument with you everywhere. An alternative would be Jammy, a startup that offers a fully digital-controlled transformer electric guitar. This means that it is always ready to go and does not require configuration.

Structurally, the Jammy consists of a 15-fret neck and a slim body. Between themselves, the two parts are connected only for the duration of the game, in the disassembled state the length of the elements is only 40 centimeters in order to fit comfortably into any bag. Although there are mechanical strings on both parts, all information is collected by pressure and speed sensors and transmitted digitally.

The authors argue that the system correctly recognizes complex gestures, riffs, claps and other techniques of guitarists. The device can connect to external systems, but does not need a smartphone application, it is a thing in itself. And it automatically records what it plays so as not to miss out on a potential masterpiece that is usually spontaneous and difficult to reproduce.

Jammy will not be able to compete with either an acoustic guitar or a professional power tool, it is precisely a mobile model that is designed for a narrow circle of users. Its price is $ 349 for the device itself, plus $ 50 for an overhead body that mimics the shape of the soundboard. On sale guitar-transformer will appear in November this year.