Urwerk UR-100C - the most unusual watch in the world

Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frey, co-founders of the Urwerk brand, once again jumped over their heads in an original way, releasing a completely unrealistic version of wristwatches. The Urwerk UR-100C model exists and works great, but its design is many times more complex and sophisticated than even an experienced engineer could imagine. For example, there is no dial or its analogs, but there is a minute tape sliding along the diagonal with a hour indicator.

To find out the current time, the owner of the Urwerk UR-100C watch does not have to turn the wrist. The main information panel is located at the end of the case, approximately on the side of the hand, and therefore immediately catches the eye. There are no arrows and screens, all indicators are mechanical and each move along its own axis, and the inclined minute tape completely twists at a difficult angle from right to left, running through values ​​from 5 to 60 and returning to its original position while simultaneously switching other counters. The authors say that synchronizing the operation of this node is the most difficult thing in this watch.

To display seconds, a second module is used in the upper part of the case, with its own windows and mechanical indicators. Here, for the first time in watchmaking history, optical fiber is used to transmit data - inside the Urwerk UR-100C is full of sophisticated electronics. This is despite the fact that, formally, the watch is an ordinary winding one, and it must be tightened every 48 hours.

Urwerk UR-100C watches are available in a steel or bronze case, have a sapphire crystal 15 mm thick, withstand immersion to 30 m and are polished on all external parts. It is planned to release a very small series, only 25 pieces of steel and 25 pieces of bronze, at $ 134, 000 per copy.