A camping stove with internal burners boils water in any wind

A group of students from the ETH Technical School from Zurich, led by doctoral student Julian Ferkhov, developed the PeakBoil camping stove. It consists of two parts: a combustion chamber, which includes a system of Venturi gas burners, on which a special protective flask made on a 3D printer is “put on”, which also serves as a chimney. The bulb reliably protects the flame from the wind. Localized pressure drops are used to maintain the flame inside the combustion chamber.

The second component is a kettle-sized water tank, which in turn is mechanically rigidly connected to the combustion chamber. The wavy surface of the chamber walls increases the area of ​​contact with water, which significantly speeds up the process of its heating.

This is also facilitated by the thinnest walls of the combustion chamber with a thickness of only 1/30 mm, made on a special 3D printer from metal powder by laser sintering.

PeakBoil has already been successfully tested on a ski trip in the Swiss Alps in strong winds. The creators of the unique camping stove won the prize of the 3D Pioneers Challenge competition, which will allow them to use the money earned to further improve the design, find partners and investors.