The rarest and most expensive toys from the Star Wars universe

In 1977, no one yet knew what success awaited the Star Wars franchise, and therefore did not particularly invest in the development of accessories for this fictional world. As time has shown - in vain, because rare samples of toys of those years are sold today at fabulous prices. Collecting old figures from the world of Star Wars has proven to be a profitable business.

The most expensive of them is the figurine of Boba Fett, which, due to a factory defect, was recognized as potentially dangerous and did not hit the market. This was in 1978, and while the new design was being developed, forward-thinking employees hid some of the old ones. One of which was then sold in 2016 for $ 150, 000.

Another notable failure is the Obi-Wan Kenobi figurine, which was originally equipped with a retractable sword. But the telescopic design proved to be unreliable, and the design of the two-blade weapon was questionable. Nevertheless, the toy went on sale, albeit for a short time. Today it can be purchased for $ 76, 000.

The character Vlix is ​​little known to fans, he was conceived as a character for the animated series Droids. In the United States, the toy was not produced or sold - in fact, most of the copies did not go outside their native Brazil. Price - $ 45, 000 and above.

The java shooter figurine was much smaller than the others, which is true from the point of view of the Star Wars universe, but the parents of the children did not like it too much - the price for a small plastic toy was identical to the large ones. Therefore, Kenner went for a trick and replaced the plastic java raincoat with a cotton one. $ 28, 000 for a sample.

Luke Skywalker with retractable lightsaber. An extremely rare toy that was discontinued due to the fragility of the sword mechanism. As a result, she instantly became a rarity and, like Boba Fett, is sold at auctions. Price - $ 25, 000 per copy.