Fortnite Rifle Now Available in the Real World

Nerf is working with Epic Games to release toy versions of weapons from the record-breaking PC game Fortnite, for the delight of many fans. The first will be the AR-L Blaster, a futuristic rifle that has swapped ammunition for soft and safe darts in the real world. So that you can literally shoot a comrade in the head and not be afraid of consequences, unlike the game version.

The AR-L Blaster replica is battery operated, has a ten-dart exchangeable clip, and simulates a lifting aiming mechanism and recoil using a huge flywheel. The range and rate of fire is symbolic, but neither is it a sporting or airsoft weapon to matter. The main thing is fun! And a reason to spend $ 50 for the barrel itself, plus a little money for accessories to it, otherwise the similarity with game guns falls inexorably.

The big downside is that the AR-L Blaster is only slated for release next June. However, as it turned out, online stores are full of its analogues. And for less money, you can build a cool toy with a rich body kit. It remains only to find partners and arrange a thematic shootout!