HiMirror smart mirror will provide professional cosmetic advice

The wife of Simon Shen, the CEO of a large Taiwanese IT company, once asked her husband: what is it about these tech projects that you devote all your time to them? Instead of answering, Shen designed a female mirror with an integrated voice assistant that would help his wife always remain beautiful.

HiMirror Mini Premium works like a tablet with a touch screen and a high definition camera, which can show not only a reflection of a face, but also add arbitrary effects to the picture in real time. The basis of his "mind" is a special service Skin Analysis Engine X, created to recognize the ten major cosmetic defects. These are wrinkles, skin folds, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, roughness, pronounced skin pores, a painful face, hydration and pigmentation. He displays what he finds on the screen.

A smart mirror has three main tasks - to show the cosmetic imperfections of the user's face, to offer remedies for their elimination and to suggest how best to mask them with makeup. In doing so, HiMirror will show the calculated expected result when choosing different options. In his memory, five scenarios for creating makeup with many variable details, for almost all occasions. However, in order to heal problem areas, you need data on changes in the state of the face over a long time - HiMirror is designed for long-term, constant use and collection of information about its owner.

Like all modern smart gadgets, HiMirror supports working with social networks and network services, and is able to redirect information to different addressees. The price of the device is $ 300, and the time to market is November 5 of this year.