Freewrite Traveler - The Next Generation Writers Tool

The Internet has provided a unique opportunity for millions of users to make money from almost anywhere in the world. However, a generation of new writers faced new challenges as well. One of them is the sheer number of distractions that get in the way of work.

To solve this problem, the young American company Astrohaus has developed the "typewriter" of the future - the Freewrite Traveler. It does not in any way resemble its bulky predecessors, which have become museum exhibits. This is a standalone, quite modern folding gadget weighing 800 grams with a clearly distinguishable keyboard and a black and white screen. Its working resource is 30 hours of continuous operation, and recharging is carried out via the USB-C port.

Unlike a PC, it has an extremely narrow specialization - typing text. But this is, rather, not a disadvantage, but an advantage - during work, the user is focused exclusively on the text and is not distracted by anything else. Freewrite does not support the installation of browsers, games, or any applications.

When connected to the Internet, the generated files are automatically copied to Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote. The typed text is available for viewing and eliminating errors.

You can support the project on Indiegogo with a $ 309 deposit. The retail price of the gadget will already be $ 599. Sales are expected to start in June 2019.