Molar Mic Wireless Headset Transmits Sounds Through Teeth

The US Department of Defense has allocated $ 10 million for field testing of the Molar Mic, which looks like a bluetooth headset, albeit quite unsightly in appearance.

The device consists of a mouthpiece with a waterproof microphone fitted to the teeth of a “specific” user. As soon as he starts to speak, the Molar Mic sends an audio signal to a radio transmitter attached to his neck. Then the signal goes to the radio device of another user, after which it is forwarded directly to the recipient.

Reception is somewhat more complicated. The mouthpiece converts the received sound signal into vibrations to the teeth, which travel through the jaw bones and skull to the inner ear, where they are transformed into familiar sounds. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they are perceived as coming from the head of a person, which, by the way, takes at least three weeks to get used to.

The interest of the military in the Molar Mic is explained by the fact that the use of such a device will not interfere with the raging elements, or even the roar of the battle.