Samsung's LTE tracker finds any missing item

Today, there are a huge number of wireless devices for finding lost things, however, they are united by a common problem: you can only find a loss with the help of a special tracking application.

Samsung unveils SmartThings tracker that uses LTE-M wireless high-speed data transmission standard with low power consumption. The device can report the whereabouts of a lost item even from places where Bluetooth and other technologies are powerless.

However, the possibilities of SmartThings are not limited to just finding lost things. It can be used as a smart home control - for example, it can be used to turn on the light upon returning home or activate the surveillance camera when leaving. You can also activate the "geofunction". It can help track the location of a walking dog within the yard, or tell your friends and family where you are by pressing the power button twice.

Taking this into account, the SmartThings tracker will cost a little more than similar Bluetooth-based devices. Samsung offers it for $ 99 in a "package" with service provider AT&T for $ 5 a month. SmartThings will be available at Samsung and AT&T stores starting September 14 or later via Verizon.