MagicScroll - a flexible tablet inspired by the Elder Scrolls

A group of researchers from the human media laboratory at Queen's University (Canada) has developed an original device called MagicScroll, which does not look like a tablet or a smartphone, but at the same time is endowed with the functions of both gadgets.

According to the developers, they were inspired by ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls to create the MagicScroll with a flexible touchscreen. It is a 3D printed device with a new form factor. Switching on the screen is carried out by turning the wheels located at the edges of the gadget.

If additional information is required, or a deeper "immersion", the user can separate the screen from the body to expand the viewing format. The flexible display has a 2K resolution. Thus, we can talk about the creation of a new type of mobile device with an image on the display that exceeds the definition of Retina.

The unusual cylindrical shape of the gadget has already shown a number of advantages. In particular, it is much more comfortable to hold in hand during a call than iPad, and also to keep in your pocket. MagicScroll has a built-in camera that lets you control the device with Nintendo Wiimote-style gestures. The screen is driven in rotation by wheels along the edges of the cylinder, which are reinforced with robotic drives.