Segway unveils e-Skates Drift W1 in detail

The IFA 2018 exhibition opened in Berlin, and as part of this event, Segway finally showed the face and voiced the characteristics of the Drift W1. Recall that this new version of personal transport, rollers with an electric motor, was announced in the middle of summer. Back then, e-Skates could only be judged by a promotional video, but now their specification is known.

The dimensions of each device from a pair of e-Skates are 291x162x21 mm, and the weight is 3.5 kg. The power of the electric motor is unknown, but it can accelerate the platform to a speed of 12 km / h, which guarantees the owner an advantage over everyone who is forced to move on foot, without the help of equipment. e-Skates can even climb 10 ° steep inclines, but it is not known how to jump over an obstacle without having a reliable fastener to the leg.

A single charge of the batteries only lasts for 45 minutes, and then you have to wait 3 hours for the batteries to recharge. Probably, this was done in order to artificially interrupt pokatushki, cool hot heads and force them to pause. Although the e-Skates themselves have an IP54 rating and shockproof bumpers around the perimeter, this mode of transport remains difficult to learn and potentially traumatic. The visitors of the exhibition were convinced of this by their personal example.

For use in the dark, e-Skates are equipped with indicator lights to make them visible on the road. The control here is intuitive, due to the bends and turns of the body, well known to fans of gyro scooters. The cost of one pair of e-Skates will be $ 465, they will go on sale in October this year.