Nopixgo - an electronic bracelet that repels mosquitoes using electromagnetic waves

To date, many ultrasonic devices for repelling insects have been created, but many users often complain about their inefficiency. The Nopixgo bracelet performs the same function, but with the help of electromagnetic waves.

It has been established that insects and, in particular, mosquitoes are very sensitive to the approach of bad weather. According to the developer of the gadget, Kurt Stoll, the weak waves emitted by the bracelet mimic the atmospheric electrical discharges that occur with the approach of a thunderstorm, which scares mosquitoes away from the radiation source.

Since the level of signals emitted by Nopixgo is very weak - one hundredth of a cell phone signal - they are absolutely safe for the user. However, this is quite enough to create a "safety zone" from mosquitoes within a radius of two meters. Further modernization of the device will increase this indicator, as well as generate special types of waves that are effective against several types of mosquitoes.

Nopixgo is made of plastic with a waterproof leather coating. One hour of battery charging lasts for a week. When the battery is running low, the built-in LED indicator starts flashing red.

The gadget can be found on Kickstarter and can even be pre-ordered with a $ 70 security deposit. If the promotion company is successful, the sale of Nopixgo could begin in October.