Logitech unveils its first vertical computer mouse

The fact that the horizontal position of the wrist holding the mouse leads to overstrain of the joints and injuries has long been known. And the solution, an accessory with a vertical or inclined shape, was not invented yesterday. It's just that for Logitech, the MX Vertical model was the debut in this direction. However, so far only in the version for right-handers.

The Logitech vertical mouse has dimensions of 79 x 78, 5 x 120 mm and weighs 135 grams, much heavier than office counterparts. To move it on the rug, you have to work with your whole hand - it's not so difficult, but it relieves the load exclusively from the wrist. The grip here is not exactly vertical, 57 degrees, which will reduce the load on the hand by 10% and even affect your posture, according to the authors of the novelty.

There are four buttons on the mouse, two standard and two programmable, on the upper edge and on the left side. It will be possible to adjust the positioning accuracy of the gadget on the mat and the speed of the cursor movement, and this promises a 4-fold reduction in unnecessary body movements. Made of aluminum and soft rubber, the mouse is wireless and uses a USB charging port for up to 4 months of battery life.

The price tag for the Logitech MX Vertical is set at $ 99.99. The mouse will be available for sale in September this year.