Sony's new projector helmet lets you see the world through the eyes of a mosquito

SXSW is a grand event that includes music, film and media festivals and conferences held annually in mid-March in Austin, Texas. Among the new products introduced here by Sony this year is the Superception Head Light system. It is a helmet with a Sony MP-CL1 projector in the front and Sony MDR-X950 headphones. This jumble of electronics complements the HTC Vive tracker, which creates a projection as you move around the room.

Sony representatives say that the device should demonstrate the ability of modern technology to influence human perception through his senses. During the demonstration, users can, for example, feel themselves in the "role" of a mosquito that smells blood in the air. Another "picture" will show the world through the eyes of a butterfly, while the projector will project a colorful abstract mosaic on the wall, imitating the vision of an insect.

So far, Superception Head Light has no distinct scope. But at least this is an unusual concept that allows you to look at the world from an unusual angle.