Chinese Police Adopt Smart Glasses With Facial Recognition

Recently, in the urban district of Zhengzhou, Henan Province (PRC), you can meet police officers wearing unusual sunglasses. The fact is that these are "smart" glasses equipped with software for identification and tracking of wanted persons.

The gadget glasses developed by LLVision Technology Co. were adopted by the Chinese police last year. At the moment, law enforcement officers are using them to identify suspicious persons on the eve of the Chinese New Year at train stations and airports, which has already made it possible to detain more than 25 people with fake documents.

Previously, for this purpose, mainly outdoor surveillance cameras were used, which, unfortunately, did not provide high quality images on monitors. Smart glasses work much more efficiently and faster: they only need 100 milliseconds to identify a person.

However, even this achievement of modern technologies found opponents in the person of ... human rights organizations, in particular, the notorious Amnesty International. According to human rights activists, there are fears that the state, thus, gets another opportunity to control the movement of its citizens.