Zivix launches a new generation of smart portable guitars

The renowned manufacturer of high-tech musical devices company Zivix (USA) has introduced the third generation of portable smart guitars - Jamstic 7 and Jamstic 12. In March, instruments equipped with the 3rd generation portable smart MIDI controller Jamstic will take their rightful place on Kickstarter.

The Jamstic 7 is 45 cm long and has 2 more frets than the previous generation models (it used to be 5). The device is powered by AA batteries providing 72 hours of operation. Jamstic 7 is aimed at those who are just learning to play the guitar by connecting to a smartphone or tablet.

The Jamstic 12 (12 frets, 72 cm long) is powered by a lithium-ion battery and is designed for tough professionals who have an expanded set of functions and a more powerful processor at their disposal. Both models feature a capacitive touch fingerboard combined with state-of-the-art optical touch technology for greater precision control.

The updated sensor system provides richer and more expressive playing, and the USB port allows you to connect a charger and digital MIDI interface.

Jamstic 7 and Jamstic 12 are expected to be available for $ 199 and $ 399 respectively.