Hypno Eye is a very challenging selfie ball

If, in the distant future, schoolchildren are brought to a museum and shown a gadget called the Hypno Eye, the guide will have to start explaining from afar. That in 2018 the volume of fake publications on the World Wide Web reached prohibitive heights, and the only and desired measure of a person's importance was his activity on social networks. But people were so fed up with traditional means of capturing events and transferring them to the digital world that they had to invent something ... here the assessments will probably diverge.

Hypno Eye is a ball made of polymer material with more or less reliable indicators of durability, inside which a camera and a wireless communication module are hidden. It can be thrown into the crowd if no one wants to volunteer to come up and take a selfie with you. And let them not complain if a 2 kg toy arrives on a soft spot - the constant shooting of everything and everyone, plus the prompt publication of the footage on the Internet, is worth any sacrifice.

The Hypno Eye device has a tricky glowing rim around the lens. On the one hand, with its radiance, it attracts people and provokes to pick up the gadget. On the other hand, it intuitively tells you where to look in order to get into the frame. On the third, it is also a flash, or rather "smart backlight", which helps to make pictures clear and beautiful.

Hypno Eye is able to process images and publish the result on social networks, on the specified pages. There is also a spy shooting mode, when an inconspicuous suspicious ball will simply photograph everything that its motion sensors catch in the camera's field of view. But the main purpose, of course, is to attract attention and unite people for the sake of group photos.