New plastic Visa card will combine many bank accounts

A new financial instrument from Visa called "Dynamics Wallet Card" is shown at CES. It looks like a typical plastic card, with the same dimensions, but in essence it is a device for accessing various accounts, accounts and user accounts.

The main difference between the new card and the old one is that it is no longer a plastic disc with a microchip. There is now a 65, 000 pixel touchscreen display, a communications module, an antenna and a power source. Visa does not specify which one, but speaks of “self-charging”. Other specifications were also not disclosed.

The purpose of this card is to serve as a single tool for managing electronic accounts. The user through the display can switch between their bank accounts, carry out various simple financial transactions, receive reports and warnings about possible fraud. You can perceive the card as an analogue of a multifunctional application for a smartphone, but it works autonomously, without being tied to a gadget.

Dynamics Wallet Card is compatible with ATMs, terminals and other typical banking equipment. The loss of such a card or its damage will not become fatal - the data is no longer tied to the carrier, everything is stored in a virtual account. If necessary, the user himself can send an urgent request to block it, and the bank will be able to quickly issue invoices and reissue cards.

The Dynamics Wallet Card may be available early this year.