Created the smallest analog synthesizer the size of a USB stick

The British company WS Audio has developed and presented a full-fledged three-level Trueno synthesizer. It is made in the format of a thumb-sized USB stick and can reproduce realistic analog sounds, replacing bulky and expensive interfaces.

A 24-bit analog-to-digital signal converter with voltage regulator filter, instant preview and extensive modulation capabilities is hidden inside the "space" aluminum case. These are amplitude and pulse width corrections, frequency filters, and digital effects such as chorus, phasing, delay and reverb.

The synthesizer software is implemented in the format of a universal plug-in for DAW (digital sound workstation), all controls are transferred to the application window and are activated using the keyboard and mouse. There is a clear focus not on the representatives of the old school, but on those who no longer like working with cables and switches. For the same reason, the manufacturer has focused on minimizing the size of the synthesizer.

The WS Audio Trueno is priced at 140 British pounds or $ 190 and is already available for purchase in European online stores. The device is compatible with PC and Mac.

This is how music creation looks like with Trueno