New action camera from Casio looks like a G-Shock watch with a lens

The Casio company has presented its version of the camcorder for filming in extreme conditions - the GZE-1 model. Formally, it is part of the line of smartphones and is adapted to work in contact with them. In fact, the influence of the watch brand G-Shock is sharply traced here - at least as far as the design of the gadget is concerned.

The GZE-1 is far from the most outstanding digital camera, it has a sensor of only 6 megapixels and it can shoot in 1080p at 30 frames per second or 480p at 120 frames per second. But the lens is wide-angle, 190 degrees, which is noticeably more than most action cameras. The main qualities are: water resistance to a depth of 50 m and impact resistance, at the level of falling onto asphalt from a height of 4 m.

Since the camera was designed to work in tandem with a smartphone, you can use its screen as a viewfinder using the G'z Eye utility. Although by default it is still more convenient to do it through the screen of the Casio Pro Trek smartwatch for Android Wear.

At the moment, the new product is only sold in Japan. Casio has not yet announced the launch of sales outside the country and is also silent about the estimated price, but analysts indicate that it is unlikely to be less than $ 400.