Logitech develops keyboard for virtual reality

Logitech introduced the Bridge developer toolkit for mapping a physical keyboard to virtual space. The kit includes the gaming keyboard itself, a Vive Tracker scanner and an application for porting signals from gadgets to virtual reality. It allows you to type in the usual way without leaving the digital world.

The need to bring the traditional keyboard to the virtual world came as an unpleasant surprise when developing commercial software in this area. It turned out that even entering a login or password when connecting to a game or an arbitrary service creates difficulties for users. Complaints were also received from users of office software - entering data in the usual way remains a vital condition for using the software.

Logitech offers to draw in digital space an analogue of a real keyboard, track the movement of the user's fingers and transfer them into virtual reality. This functionality is already implemented in the form of ready-made blocks of code and is compatible with applications under SteamVR. Developers can only integrate it into their products, and then find its use in various games and applications.

Moving peripherals from the real world to the virtual is basic, but only a building block for the development of this environment. Logitech admits that they are now racking their brains over another serious task: how to implement movement through the infinitely vast digital worlds, leaving a person within the four walls of his room?