Zwim smart swimming goggles bring augmented reality technology to the pool

In recent years, numerous goggles for swimmers have been added to the arsenal of smart sports gadgets, which can monitor heart rate and course correctness when swimming in open water. The development of this concept was the Zwim glasses, developed by the startup of the same name.

These are essentially the same Google Glass with a head-up HUD display, with which you can track the time (the passage of the last / current segment, the total duration of the workout), the pulse rate (the heart rate sensor is located in the temple), the number of turns and the calories burned.

All information is displayed on a small screen on the right side of the glasses. Pressing the button switches to another data set. If there are too many of them, then the screen can be divided into several sectors, where information is displayed by sections. When you leave the pool, Zwim data is synchronized with the application on your smartphone, where you can view, save or share it on social networks.

The glasses have a lithium-ion battery charge for 4 hours. In addition, the Zwim lenses are detachable from the display and can be easily replaced if worn. The weight of the gadget is 62 grams.

To fund the project, the development team turned to Indiegogo. You can become the owner of Zwim by making a donation of $ 199. The glasses have an estimated retail price of $ 395.