Google AI camera will take videos of your life on its own

A new product from Alphabet called "Google Clips" looks unassuming - a flat square box with a lens peephole and wireless connectivity. There is no user-friendly interface, but this is exactly what was intended. This camera is equipped with a special version of artificial intelligence that will take pictures without your knowledge, but in your interests.

At the heart of the novelty is an algorithm based on machine learning technology Moment IQ, which aims to recognize two factors: your favorite objects and the current conditions for shooting. The first refers to the creatures and objects with which you most often interact, the second - purely technical information so that the pictures are of high quality. This camera makes the decision to start filming solely independently.

The creators of Google Clips start from the philosophy “You cannot capture a moment for history if you yourself are a part of it. You need an impartial bystander. " Sounds reasonable, given the emotional nature of a person and the large number of accidents in life, to which we simply do not have time to react properly. But the question is, how much do you trust AI, albeit with such specific functionality? Is it possible at all to train AI to photograph what you need, or do we a priori become hostages of the machine in this regard? There are no answers yet - time will tell.