DribbleUp smart soccer ball replaces sports coach

New York-based startup DribbleUp showcased a "smart soccer ball" that will help you master the sport's technique. Taken together, this is the most common ball plus a platform for analyzing data on its movement - this is the whole point. A combination of an ordinary object and a smart system based on any tablet.

There are no sensors, batteries or mechanisms inside the DribbleUp ball, it is a typical ball made of leather and thread. But his coloring contains conventional symbols, similar to a QR code, which are read by a smartphone camera. And a special application analyzes how the ball moves in space, on the basis of which it is easy to conclude whether a particular exercise has been performed correctly or not.

The only serious drawback is that you will not have to train on a spacious field, but in a closed room, right in front of the gadget's camera. DribbleUp is not so much a trainer as a censor - the system knows hundreds of ball exercises, can show the order of execution and follow the student, but does not correct him and does not set the task to motivate him. You will have to sweat and try on your own.

On the other hand, DribbleUp software is designed to be customized for the client, it can take into account the age, physical condition of the player, flexibly adjust the training program and draw up individual lessons. In the end, you can just turn off your smartphone and kick a good-quality ball the old-fashioned way - at a price of $ 90, it is not much inferior to professional models.