LG K7i smartphone with mosquito repellent function goes on sale in India

In the last days of September 2017, the India Mobile Congress was held in New Delhi, one of the parts of which was the presentation of new products from Asian manufacturers of mobile gadgets. LG stood out from the crowd by presenting Anti-Mosquito technology as a budget smartphone accessory.

The LG K7i model comes with an additional back cover by default, in which the ultrasound emitter is integrated. It operates at a frequency of 30 kHz, harmless to humans, but unbearable for flying bloodsuckers. Ultrasound does not kill mosquitoes, but it does provoke a bad mood and a desire to stay away from the source of the noise. What is extremely important - the device does not need consumables, it only uses energy from the batteries of the smartphone itself.

This technology, according to representatives of LG, will become a part of the daily life of Indians and a weighty alternative to chemical repellents - expensive and unsafe for ordinary residents of the country. The K7i model even comes with a simple stand to keep it on guard against mosquito fraternity. The company does not provide data on the energy consumption for maintaining the round-the-clock ultrasonic barrier, but the battery capacity of the smartphone itself is not that great, only 2500 mAh.

Other characteristics of the K7i model are unlikely to interest anyone, this is a typical budget smartphone priced at less than $ 120. It runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow and has dual SIM support. It is not yet known whether it is planned to sell the "anti-mosquito" outside the hot and humid territories of India.