SIRIN LABS develops the world's first blockchain smartphone

SIRIN LABS, which created the $ 14, 000 super-secure Solarin smartphone, announced the development of the world's first Finney smartphone based on blockchain technology.

For the gadget, the company's specialists have developed an OS based on Android - Shield with open source code. Its main feature is a highly secure cryptographic core, which makes it possible to support blockchain applications, in particular, cryptocurrency wallets and secure transactions.

As the number of Finney users grows, an independent blockchain network will be formed, functioning without centralized nodes or mining centers slowing down the transaction process. The function of the currency is assigned to SRN tokens (by the way, only their owners will be able to purchase a smartphone).

The smartphone has a built-in memory of 256 GB, 16 megapixel camera and powerful security system. Finney's estimated price is around $ 1, 000.