Google and Levi's create the smartest jacket in the world

A year ago, the "corporation of good" announced the appearance of special clothing with integrated functions of a smartphone accessory. And now this Commuter Trucker is going on sale for $ 350 per copy. It is no different from a regular denim counterpart, with the exception of one important detail.

In the first place is the jacket, in the second - high technology. If you remove the electronic insert from the sleeve, the clothes can be washed, altered, etc., the fabric base in this case is just a platform for fastening the filling. It is also represented by a set of flexible tactile sensors woven into the cuff according to the "jacquard pattern" principle, plus a wireless communication module.

A smartphone is used to process data from the inlay; in a special application, the system's response to specific user gestures is configured on it. Essentially, the jacket's cuff turns into an alternative touchscreen with tactile feedback. You can receive notifications, answer calls, control your media player and do other familiar things without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. But, unlike voice communication, everything is done with your hands - it is not very convenient to poke your finger in the wrist when you ride a bike.

The Levi's Commuter Trucker jacket is not a product, but part of an experiment, an open beta test of the concept of using this kind of interfaces. For there are strong doubts that the idea will go to the masses - instead of the word "skepticism" in Google, they prefer to say "curiosity". And they invite buyers to actively share their views on the experience of using their acquisition.