Look like Robocop in this smart bike helmet

As you know, the main purpose of bicycle helmets is to protect the rider from head injury. However, this did not stop the specialists of the Chinese company Livall from adding several additional and modern functions to this accessory. As a result, the BH51 helmet was born, presented at the IFA 2017 in Berlin.

So in the back of the BH51 helmet there is a strip of LEDs that flash every time the bike brakes or turns. In addition, using the helmet, you can listen to music on the road - it is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and the sound is output to stereo speakers made using bone conduction technology.

The BH51 helmet will be available in several colors - willow green, graphite black, sandstone gray and fog blue. The novelty will be available in the Amazon online store in November for about $ 150.