British student developed a sixth toe controlled by the foot

Recently, there has been a tendency to create additional robotic controlled limbs. According to their developers, even if a person is not disabled, an extra pair of hands can be useful to him. But who can imagine what to do with the sixth finger on your hand?

London designer Daniel Claude not only presented, but also developed an additional robotic finger as part of an educational project at the London College of Art, solely to expand human natural capabilities.

Danielle complemented her hand with a 3D printed Ninjaflex flexible filament finger. The finger is set in motion from a motor attached to the wrist through a hinge. The toe actuation command is generated by pressing the foot on the pressure sensor and then transmitted to the servo via Bluetooth.

According to Daniel, an extra finger is another step towards the formation of a future superman, which, with the help of additional robotic organs, will significantly expand its own physical capabilities.

Prototype with the inventor