Mistbox will reduce the cost of air conditioning by 30%

Mistbox is a device that cools the air entering the air conditioner, which increases its efficiency by 30%. To understand the scale, reducing global electricity costs for air conditioning by 30% by 2030 would reduce atmospheric CO2 levels, equivalent to removing five billion cars from the road. This is five times more than the one billion cars that exist on Earth today.

The Mistbox works by releasing ultra-fine water mist droplets into the space next to the air conditioner. This allows the air entering it to be cooled and significantly increases efficiency. Mistbox is equipped with sensors that activate it only when needed - for example, the device does not need to work at night.

To make Mistbox work, just follow these steps:

1. Install a small wind turbine on top of the air conditioner. It will capture the outgoing air flow and power the gadget, allowing it to be independent of the mains.

2. Install the control unit on the side surface of the air conditioner.

3. Attach the spray nozzles to the sides of the air conditioner.

4. Connect the device to the water supply (for US residents, it is suggested to use a lawn water tap).

The whole process takes a few minutes and does not require further action from the user. Mistbox comes with a free application that allows you to monitor the operation of the device in real time and visually represent the savings in electricity.

The Mistbox will start shipping in August this year, and the device will be priced at around $ 400.