Travel gadget CAMPy will guard the camp while you sleep

Canadian startup KirMaq Tech is preparing to launch an unusual gadget CAMP / y for travel lovers. His task is to make the overnight stay in the camping camp as safe as possible.

CAMP / y includes IoSat, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, as well as a whole range of different sensors. With their help, the gadget is able to detect wild animals and people nearby, gas leaks, changes in weather, lighting and a number of other factors. All this information CAMP / y transmits to the owner's smartphone, notifying him of everything that is happening around. In the event of a potentially dangerous situation, the device can independently raise an alarm. In addition, CAMP / y is able to work as an electronic repellent, repelling mosquitoes within a radius of two meters.

The gadget comes with a free application that makes it much easier to work with. To use CAMP / y, you need to download the application, synchronize the gadget with your smartphone and set the desired settings. After that, it is enough to install CAMP / y at the camp site, and he will begin to carry out the guard service of the camp. During a long trip, the gadget will be able to feed itself on its own, thanks to the included solar panels.

The first CAMP / y will go to new owners in September this year, and their retail price will be about 175 Canadian dollars (7, 500 rubles).