Atari creates a new game console

Intriguing name Ataribox and a minimum of useful information. During the E3 conference, the company's CEO, Fred Chesnais, mentioned in an interview that the device is based on "PC technology." Plus there is a short teaser with beautiful images of something corrugated in wood and plastic. And that's all.

Atari is not a brand that would thrill the hearts of today's gamers. The peak of the popularity of this company came in the 70-80s of the last century, when PCs as such had not yet conquered the market. But with the rise of the Nintendo platform, Atari's position in the gaming industry was lost, and the company retrained to develop software. In fact, the console world hasn't heard of her since 1996.

And now, two decades later, Atari announced a comeback with a new product called Aratibox. Most likely version: this is a "classic" game console, similar to Nintendo's NES Classic Mini or Sega Mega Drive Classic. A PC emulator with its own game storage that uses an external monitor. However, the company already has a similar product Atari Flashback, two new versions of which were announced just recently.

Is Ataribox part of the IoT lineup that Atari is working on with Sigfox? It is possible to speculate on this topic for a long time, but in the absence of detailed information, it is fruitless. It's easier to be patient and wait for the full presentation of the novelty.