MK3 is one of the few really useful adventure gadgets

The R2GEAR startup presented MK3 - "Smart Travel Gadget 5-in-1". It combines a walkie-talkie (works in conjunction with a smartphone), an emergency radio beacon, a Bluetooth speaker, an LED flashlight and a stylus. At the same time, the gadget is not afraid of water, shock and allows you to save the owner's smartphone from any troubles.

To use the MK3, you just need to pair it with your phone via Bluetooth. The phone can then be stowed away to a safe place in the back of the backpack and the MK3 can be used instead. With an incoming call, just press the button of the gadget and speak, continuing to go about your business. Both hands of the user remain free. The MK3 also has a PTT function that allows you to use it as a regular walkie-talkie (that is, speak only when the call button is pressed).

The emergency beacon function allows you to send text messages with your GPS coordinates at the touch of a button to your favorite contacts saved in your smartphone.

When the MK3 is not required to play the role of a rescue gadget, it can become a portable wireless speaker. If at this time an incoming call comes to it, the device will automatically stop playback and return to it as soon as the call ends.

The functions of the LED flashlight and stylus are self-explanatory, just mention that the MK3 flashlight has a brightness of 150 lumens and can work for 24 hours on a single charge. The stylus is designed for winter travel, when it is difficult to work with any gadgets because of the thick gloves.

The MK3 is IP67 waterproof (not afraid of rain or snow, but submersion should be avoided) and is powered by a 1200mAh Li-ion battery. It can work 7 days in standby mode or 10 hours with continuous music playback at maximum volume (15 hours at normal). The MK3 weighs just 165 grams. Deliveries of the gadget will begin in March 2018, and the price will be around $ 90.