The CRYSTAL ORB ball will solve the problem of water purification in home aquariums

PrettyWater Solutions is preparing to bring an unusual gadget to the market for aquarium fish lovers. It is called the Crystal Orb and is based on a nanotechnology solution that allows the device to kill algae and microbes in aquariums without the use of chemicals. The details of the technology were not disclosed, but the Crystal Orb nanomaterial received US patent US 9574136 B2.

Any aquarium is an artificial biological environment that requires fine balancing. Microorganisms constantly multiply in it, which spoil the water and cause diseases of fish. To combat them, chemical compounds are most often used - various salts and synthesized antibiotics. A direct consequence of their use is that the aquarium turns into a chemical soup that, when the water changes, is sent to the environment.

Crystal Orb contains no soluble compounds. An oxidation reaction takes place on its surface, which creates a "sterile zone" around the device. Any single-celled organism that gets into it dies. The inflow of water for this is provided by conventional aquarium pumps and filters. To use the Crystal Orb, it must be rinsed under running water for 30 seconds and then placed in the aquarium - preferably next to the filter.

In a standard 50 liter home aquarium, the Crystal Orb will last six months. During this period, it will act as a water purifier, algicide, antifungal and antibiotic device. The Crystal Orb will start shipping in August this year and will be priced at $ 35 per device.