Jabii is a video game that will make kids look up from screens to beat each other

A wedge is knocked out with a wedge, and in this case almost literally. The Danish inventor has developed a combination of fighting and RPG for young gamers, in which you have to fight through a computer, but in the real world. Especially for parents: it is not painful, it is fun and children will finally look away from the monitors to get physical activity.

The Jabii system consists of a physical weapon controller and a control application connected to it via Bluetooth. Instead of the usual gamepad, children are encouraged to pick up a super-glove with a spring-loaded retractable fist! You press the button and he flies into the enemy, inflicting quite real, tangible, albeit painless cuffs. The chance of hitting or missing depends only on you - willy-nilly, you will have to learn mobility.

The retractable fist has a telescopic mast 96 cm long, when activated, the energy of the straightened spring is evenly extinguished by the punch, so that at the end point the fact of touching is observed, but not a full blow. Just in case, the shock knob is made soft, and the set includes children's protective helmets. Plus, players need to dodge hits themselves, maneuver and master combat skills.

Why is Jabii called a computer game? Although the rubber fist flies, obeying the owner's command, the final result is calculated based on the game scenario. The 9-axis accelerometer calculates the position of the weapon relative to the victim in space, speed, number of hits and hits. Plus there is a role-playing system for pumping: a palladin of the 6th level with a pole +5 will deal more damage than a Necromancer noob with a dagger +1, but the state of armor, the presence of artifacts, etc. are also taken into account. Here, duels, tournaments, solo battles and everything that the developers will cram into updates are possible.

A big and undisguised minus of Jabii: if children are at least protected, then household utensils, vases and glass are at risk. Just like when playing with a ball or a slingshot, so if parents want to tear their children away from the screens, then let them be ready to fork out. Approximately $ 70 for a single Jabii kit, controller and helmet, or $ 95 for a double one if the startup successfully raises the required amount and production starts in July of this year.