Echo Meter Touch 2 turns iPhone into a bat detector

The bat is an amazing creature that can fly, navigate and hunt in complete darkness. The fact is that it is a unique living sonar. Only a special device, now available to iPhone owners, is capable of detecting it.

In flight, the bat emits high-frequency sound signals, which, reflecting from surrounding objects, are captured by its huge ears and then sent to the brain for "processing". Thanks to this, it is able to detect the thinnest stretched wire and hunt flying insects.

The Echo Meter Touch 2, manufactured by Wildlife Acoustics, will most likely be of interest to those who study bats. It is a highly sensitive microphone that can be connected to a smartphone via the Lightning port, without forgetting to download a special free application.

Echo Meter Touch 2 captures and records sounds emitted by bats (inaccessible to the human ear), amplifies them to the level of auditory perception, and also provides information about the type of a bat. The general "picture" is shown on the display.

If desired, the user can create a music library with the voices of bats, where each recording will be accompanied by GPS coordinates and displayed on Google Maps.

The Echo Meter Touch 2 comes in two flavors - for hobbyists for $ 179 and for professionals (Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro) for $ 349.