The smart backlit pillow guarantees a pleasant awakening

Today, many are already familiar with "smart" alarms that simulate dawn shortly before the user wakes up, gradually increasing the light intensity, like the rising sun. A similar concept is embodied in the Sunrise Smart Pillow.

The wake-up time is set on it using a special application for iOS / Android. During sleep, a motion sensor built into the pillow records physical activity and determines the "depth" of sleep. The impact on the sleeper is carried out by two rows of LEDs, which provide a "soft" awakening.

At first, the pillow begins to glow with a warm amber light, smoothly turning into light yellow. Sunrise Smart Pillow will inform you about the need to get up with pleasant music streaming via your smartphone. Using the app, the user can also find out how he slept the previous night. If, for example, mysterious sounds interrupted sleep in the middle of the night, the pillow equipped with a microphone will later reproduce them.

However, the possibilities of the miracle pillow are not limited to this. Sunrise Smart Pillow can play audiobooks, nature sounds or disguise the sound of a spinning fan. The user can set the LEDs to read mode, which will automatically turn off when the user falls asleep. The pillow is made of memory foam. The top is covered with a removable, washable cover. The product retails for $ 299.