GoSun hybrid solar oven will cook food day and night

Since 2013, GoSun has gone through three updates to its solar powered portable oven range - now the fourth. The new model is called the Fusion and removes the Achilles heel of the entire line - the inability to cook at night, without lights. It seems like a logical trait for a solar stove, but users wanted this option so much that the developer went to meet them.

The design of GoSun Fusion practically does not differ from its predecessors, it is still the same combination of parabolic reflectors that focus light on a container made of borosilicate glass, heating it to significant temperatures. Products are laid inside the container, which are subjected to heat treatment. Only now there is also an integrated electric element under it, which performs the same function: heats the stove.

To operate the heater, you need an electric current source with a power of at least 150 W and a voltage of 12 V. By default, this is a 45000 mAh power bank and a compact solar panel with a power of 20 W to it. Another available energy source can be a conventional car battery. Additional equipment has led to an increase in the dimensions and weight of the mobile device, now they are 58 × 21 × 21 cm and 4.5 kg. But in parallel, the capacity of the cooking module also increased to 3.2 liters, which increased the efficiency of the product.

GoSun is known for the fact that all of its projects are completed successfully or oversuccessfully, the Fusion model is unlikely to be an exception. The cost of the standard version is from $ 299; you will have to pay extra for electrical accessories for the solar heater. GoSun Fusion will begin release next spring.