Beeline startup offers motorcyclists the easiest GPS navigator in the world

Beeline startup presented its new gadget - Beeline Moto navigator, designed for motorcycle owners. As conceived by the developers, it will eventually replace traditional GPS sensors and other navigation systems, which sometimes give software failures and often have very inconvenient interfaces.

Everything is extremely simple in Beeline Moto - from design to display of visual information. The gadget is attached to the steering column of a motorcycle or scooter. Bikers will be able, at their discretion, to choose the information display mode - classic turn-by-turn navigation or a special mode with a minimum set of visual markers. The device is enclosed in a shockproof waterproof case with night illumination. The battery lasts for 30 hours of operation.

The display shows the direction of movement, distance, estimated route. The way to its final point will be shown to the user by virtual direction arrows. You can control Beeline Moto directly while “in the saddle” or using a special application.

The gadget has already attracted the attention of potential users, as evidenced by the successful Kickstarter campaign, during which Beeline Moto raised about 120, 000 pounds instead of 60, 000 originally planned. The cost of the gadget is $ 129.