Quotes Watch is a smart watch for fans of inspirational quotes

The target audience of "smart" watches Quotes Watch - lovers of catchy literary quotes. The developers, representing the Viennese brand "What?", Intend to fill the daily life of users with inspiration, to give them the opportunity to express themselves in communication on intimate topics with loved ones.

Quotes Watch displays favorite quotes according to the user's preference. To do this, you need to download the application (for iOS and Android) and connect the watch to your smartphone. Then you need to select your favorite category of quotes from the application database.

The user himself determines how often quotes will appear on the dial, for example, every 10 minutes or once a day. You can also add your own quotes in addition to the "classics". The possibilities of Quotes Watch are not limited to this. They can also receive messages, show friends' feedback on Twitter quotes that appear. All information is reflected in real time.

It offers users a choice of a font, a thematic filter that will help to select the most interesting quotes, and a choice of image design on the screen - displaying time or quotes, or both at the same time.

Quotes Watch can now be found on Kickstarter starting at $ 92. In the future, their price may rise to $ 159.