Fret Zeppelin - play guitar even if you can't

The authors of the startup Fret Zeppelin suggest leaving hours of string lessons, memorizing notes and hand training a thing of the past. A new algorithm in mastering the guitar: if you see a light, you put your finger, hold down the fret and play a chord. Almost like a computer game.

Structurally, the Fret Zeppelin device is a fretboard in the form of an ultra-thin comb-plate with integrated LEDs. Weights and dimensions are designed to be compatible with as many acoustic guitars as possible. And at the same time, do not be a hindrance to the musician: that a beginner amateur with an unprepossessing instrument, that professionals with expensive equipment must appreciate the convenience of technology.

Fret Zeppelin comes bundled with an iOS and Android app that contains all the development wisdom. Namely, updated albums of lessons, training exercises, templates for playing popular melodies, etc. The process of interaction between a person, a musical device and a machine is interactive, intuitive and colorful. Through the use of unclaimed LEDs as light and music.

The creation of the Fret Zeppelin gadget, from the idea to the second commercial version, took five long years. We've come this way - the funds to start production are crowdfunded threefold, and the device goes on sale in August this year at a price of $ 199 per copy.