The "smart" bed automatically adjusts to the position of the sleeping person

According to statistics, a person sleeps on average a third of his life. It is not surprising that manufacturers of consumer electronics did not ignore such an important area of ​​human life.

Sleep Number 360 is another CES 2017 exhibit. Thanks to its developers, it will do everything possible so that nothing will disturb the owner's sleep.

The bed adjusts to the sleep pattern, ensuring an optimal body position. When snoring occurs, she will raise the sleeping person's head, analyze the sleep by the number of heartbeats, breathing and the number of side-to-side turns. If the room is cool, the bed will automatically turn on the foot warmer.

The bed has three "floors". On the lower "floor" there is a mechanical part, which is responsible for adjusting the bed. The air chamber, located above, adjusts to the sleeper, providing him with maximum comfort. In the upper part there is an intermediate layer that brings this comfort to perfection.

The operation of the air chamber is monitored by pressure sensors located inside, which can make adjustments to its operation depending on the situation. Another sensor is installed at the end of the bed, which collects all the information and sends it to the application on the smartphone. After processing, a conclusion will appear on the screen about how the night went.

The estimated price of the miracle bed is from $ 4, 000.