CES 2017: high technology for the little ones

One of the features of the just-concluded CES 2017 is a separate area dedicated entirely to high-tech devices for children's rooms. California-based startup Hatch Baby has introduced a changing table that automatically weighs the baby and monitors the condition of the diaper to help parents monitor their baby's health.

The company also introduced an ultrasound device that allows parents to observe the baby in the womb and share images on networks.

Another exhibit is the Bloomlife sensor, which is attached to the mother's abdomen and is triggered when contractions begin. One of the developers of the device, Angela Silkot, recommends using the device in the last weeks of pregnancy.

New technologies have reached the "holy of holies" - infant feeding. Jeff Alvarez developed his "smart" pump when his wife was having problems with milk production. The device will help, above all, working mothers to stock up on the eve of a business trip. The body pump is installed directly in the bra and is controlled wirelessly via an application from a smartphone.

The Smart Sleeper is equipped with microphones so parents can hear the baby's cry. The crib also creates soothing, soothing sounds to help him sleep.