Mirror in the form of a giant iPhone. New Apple product?

At first glance, this is an ordinary mirror, but in fact we have a giant tablet from which you can send messages, play videos from Netflix and even order a taxi. Another novelty was developed for Apple by the inventor from New York Rafael Dimek on his own initiative, although it is still not clear whether he is going to sell his brainchild.

The gadget is equipped with a touch screen with a design similar to iOS 10, similar to the iPhone or iPad. The mirror shows the date, weather, icons of various applications. After 45 seconds of inactivity, it goes into sleep mode and becomes a normal mirror.

“My only goal, - emphasized Dimek, - is to create something useful, and so that at the same time I could see myself”.

The applications installed on the gadget are designed for everyday life. Among them are Facebook messenger, Netflix and Uber taxi app. Little is known about the commercial prospects of the novelty. However, according to Dimek, all rights to the appearance in the style of iOS 10, including design, applications, icons and fonts, belong to Apple.